Shadhaya urges government to criminalise women who make men raise children that are not theirs

The issue of men raising children who are not theirs have been the talk of the day recently , many men has been criticised for leaving mothers to take care of their children alone and on the other hand paternity has proven to be one of the biggest frauds.

In response to Sunday mail headline report Shadhaya wrote :

DNA test are not a 100% proof solution too as there is a silent rule that if a lady says that you are responsible for the pregnancy the final results will be manipulated 2 proclaim you the father in order 2 reduce children on the street with no fathers. We have heard this rot too

This comes a few days after he was advocating for partenity falsehood to be criminalised and women failed for lying.

This issue continues to haunt many families as social decay and unfaithfulness continue to control the lives of many


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