Four Years on; ZBC is yet to migrate to the digital space

The Zimbabwean Digital Migration Project made waves in 2017, with the then minister Supa Mandiwanzira giving emphatic and optimistic claims that the country would have gone digital before 2018. Now 4 years later, let us look at the state of our national broadcaster.

According to the ZBC CEO, Adelaide Chikunguru, the national broadcaster of the Commercial, main, news and sports departments each have one camera when they have to have a total of 17 Cameras. The national broadcaster is failing to pay content creators, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The ZBC anchor room at pockets is archaic and in a dire state and that contributes to the poor quality production of their bulletin.

The migration project faces a lot of challenges and the chief among them being the lack of foreign currency to fund this ambitious project which is long overdue, by local and global standards. Presently it is not even halfway through with 18 out of 48 only set up.

To my mind, the biggest obstacle the project faces is the fact that government does not prioritise the important and urgent things and turns on to use taxpayer money to buy cars the result is a


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