Anna Honde says sometimes women put themselves in vulnerable positions as GBV escalates

Anna says sometimes women put themselves in vulnerable positions as GBV escalates

Gender based Violence remain one of the most debated topics and issues that are affecting our societies today.

Anna Chibaby Honde posted on her social media citing that sometimes women put themselves in vulnerable positions and this is what many had to say;

Well honestly speaking it’s not abt wether you depend on him or not I know so many married woman vatori nemari dzavo but being abused with their husband a woman wekuti on seeing her u won’t even see her like someone who can be abused…so this thing yekuti hee woman do something and hv ur own money it’s ok but it’s not a guarantee of non abusive marriage veduwe…an abuser is an abuser whether u depend on him or not its how that person is , It doesn’t come out coz hauna mari honestly it’s more of that person’s character .

U can never justify gender based violence worse kana uchizviti unomirira girl child whether I depend on my man or not that doesn’t give him the go ahead or right to abuse me is that the advice u are going to give to someone who is gonna come to u after being abused by a man she depends on 100% kutomuti that’s why uchiabuswa nhai Anna Chibaby Honde

Anna don’t come here justifying kuti it’s okay vakadzi vaitwe abused nekuti vanochengetwa financially nevarume. Very wrong of you . Do you know how many woman have lost their self esteem , had miscarriages, and lost their lives because of abuse ???? And still are dying as we speak Please, if you have nothing to say chat with chematama than coming here to justifying woman 👩 abuse . Sad 😢 of you . Never we want to hear 👂 you saying ‘Girl Child 🧒’ again because we will bring this post up . ZERO Tolerance


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