The Prospects for Mureza Auto CO-Africa’s first Car manufacturer.

The Prospects for Mureza Auto CO-Africa’s first Car manufacturer.

Regional Media has been abuzz with the coming of Mureza Auto Co. an African owned car manufacturer led by Tatenda that is set to roll out its first vehicles to the roads soon. Africa’s Mureza car is coming into the race much later than all the other continents but it’s better late than never.

Mureza is certainly getting into a highly competitive trade especially in the 21st century where cars a no longer just machines that carry people from one point to another, but symbols of success, esotericism and opulence. However, the prospect for success for Mureza is quite good.

Firstly, if they properly harness that cultural advantage of being an Indigenous car manufacturer and appeal to people’s . They will need a vibrant marketing team that harnesses its authenticity and use it to drive sales.

In the Zimbabwean Market, they are free from paying the heavy import tariffs and they should capitalise on that by making their vehicles accessible to the Zimbabweans financially.

Mureza’s timing is uniquely auspicious as regional and continental trade agreements are being made that allow countries in SADC to trade without tariffs. The whole of the African Union is in the process of Ratifying the African Continental Free Trade Agreement which will scrape Tariffs throughout the continent. This means that the African market will be within reach and the prices will not be affected by rates.

The optimism for the performance of Mureza Auto is very high



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