The awaited airport extension is upon us; Finally.

The awaited airport extension is upon us; Finally.

If you have taken a quick walk around our airport you will pick up that it is an easy-going place with no traffic of people or aircraft, the other thing you ill pick is that is small, very small by standards of airports worldwide.

Thankfully, our “friends” from China gave us yet another altruistic loan of 153 million dollars to expand our small airport. This was a need initiative and the COVID era has given the project much freedom to move swiftly, owing to the works of the Chinese contractors and engineers

The expansion project is constructing a new international terminal along with four new bridges among a litany of things. All progress is welcomed and if faith is to speak, their completion of this project in June of 2021 will open floodgates of opportunities for the country.

Fingers crossed, we hope this energy will trickle down to other sectors of the Aviation of Industry of the company so that every aspect of it can be attractive. The key concern issues to do with tiedown fares that discourage other airlines from dealing with the country as well as a litany of things.

The management of the Civil aviation Authority might need a major structural reformation as well so that our birds stop claiming to have internet reputations of the most dangerous flights.

Be that as it may, this is




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