Enzo quitting music after the death of Soul Jah Love will this be the end of the popular Zim Dancehall? What’s next for this Genre or it’s over for it.

Lady Squanda, Blot, Kinnah, Shinsoman, Hwindi President, Guspy Warrior, Boom Betto, Sniper Storm, Silent Killer are nowhere to be found. Uncle Epatan, Dobba Don, Bazooker and Celscius keep popping in and out of the industry.

What’s the future of Zim Dancehall Nhai Vana Vevhu will it survive like Sungura. It seems like the only few musicians holding this Genre it’s people like Killer T, Winky D, Seh Calaz,Tocky Vibes, Jah, Anita, Poptain and Nutty O.


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