Lessons to draw from Khanyi and Kudzai Incident

Lessons to draw from Khanyi and Kudzai Incident

Khanyi and Kudzai Mushonga have been dating for some months now . Their relationship has been mostly material though they at some point decided to stay off social media living their private life .

The recent incident took everyone by storm when the couple was in Dubai and Khanyi left for South Africa without informing her partner. Kudzai was shaken as he took to his social media pleading with the women .

Khanyi later resurfaced in Joburg at her fathers grave. Many have attacked her for her behaviour and being heartless whilst others blame Kudzai for everything.

Just to get into the contextual aspect of the story and understanding it from a background point of view :

Born in Hillbrow, Johannesburg to unmarried parents Lynette and Menzi, Khanyi Mbau started exhibiting her brokenness in her early 20s, when she dated two men who were very rich and over 30 years older than her – Mandla Mthembu and Theunis Crous.

One thing exhibited in majority of her relationships is the lavish and flamboyant way she was taken care of by her ex-husband and boyfriends – expensive cars and clothes, mansion etc.

Brokenness will keep taking you back to what you’re used to even when it’s not good for you. The fact that she was used to the good life earlier in life, may have push her into a relationship with her current boyfriend who is rich and allegedly involved in drug dealing, is a shame.

Brokenness opens a door that is very difficult to manage or close. You might be successful in your career but brokenness can hijack your relationship life and expose your lack of discipline, craving for pleasure, excessive love for material things etc. Brokenness is destructive.

Brokenness can become an addiction and sometimes a mental health issue.

Some broken people don’t know they’re broken, or don’t want to accept they are broken.

Until we make a commitment to intentionally manage our brokenness; which may be with you for the rest of your life. Expect it to show up in your life in a dramatic and scandalous way.

We are all broken people at some point


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