Zimbabwean women are changing the narrative in business

Zimbabwean women are changing the narrative in business

In recent years, we have scene a shift in thought and action in business and Zimbabweans women have been at the forefront of this. From grassroots level, these women have taken up the mantle and have slowly become the ideal entrepreneurs in a way that is unprecedented. Here is a look at some of the businesses that they have taken over.

Export and Import

It is without doubt that a significant amount of export and import business is now being done by women. They are exporting craft wear and even clothing as well as a plethora of other locally produced goods in a manner that has never been done before and injecting plenty of foreign currency in the country. The popular “runners” have also taken over retail in the country with their joined utilisation of social media and chat platforms, to trade and sell surely you have read a “DM for order caption.” These women are surely unrelenting in business.


Women in Zimbabwe have recognised in recent years the power of agriculture and we are seeing more and more of them penetrating in the business, particularly, the horticulture business where they are bringing expertise that was since untapped, aiding to the feeding of the country.


Zimbabwean women, with a knack for creativity and beauty have stepped up in services and fashion and are now creating original Zimbabwean brands that have unique and distinct feel to them.


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