Zim hip hop Artist Donald Dodger Marindire has died

Zim hip hop Artist Donald Dodger Marindire has died

The Zimhip hop fratenity has been covered with a dark cloud as they lost one of their upcoming and passionate artist Donald Marindire .

The artist celebrated his birthday two weeks ago as he wrote on his timeline:

By the powers invested me by the Birthdays and related festivities Statutory Instrument 26 of 1991 I declare today World Dodger Day.Thankful for the wins big and small and victories over battles and Ls.I shall be leaving all talk to my piggy bank.In the words of cultural icon Arnold Swazi vinegars in Terminator “Talk to my Ecocash my face is busy”

Details on his death are still to be disclosed .

Many other artists have taken to their social media to pay tributes to Dodger .

Charhles Mbelenji reflected on their memories by writting

This is a true story, I swear I can’t lie about this. Dodger Zw is a fool😂😂
At the Summit jus outside the library there were these dudes from hameno the Org so they were asking people to draw the current situation on the Harare streets and what they wish it to be.. so the labels would be BEFORE & AFTER.
This fool drew this unexplainable bullshit on paper and after he was done They had to ask him to interprete his drawing. His explanation was…. “The streets are filled with trashy music my hope is these artists should start giving us Good music!”

More details will follow



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