Will the Vic Falls stock exchange catch on?

Will the Vic Falls stock exchange catch on?

Almost a year into its inception, the stock exchange has only two public listings which is seedco and padenga holdings limited. The former joined the stock VFEX following its suspension from the ZSE after being alleged of manipulating the exchange rate in 2020. The latter joined following a set of promises by government to producing companies if they join and thus far, that is all there is to the novel exchange.

The Vic falls exchange faces an innumerable number of challenges, chief among them being the fact that it was introduced in the midst of an economic crisis and general and financial crisis in particular. That makes it difficult for foreign investors, or global companies who. re the target to inject or commit into the exchange.

The VFEX is also facing low exchange activity that we might see it dying prematurely if major structural changes are made to make it more ornate to investors. It remains a noble initiative however to use the exchange, which uses US to try and drive financial capital towards the country however. will tell if it will outlive the odds stacked against it.


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