How to Start A Business

Starting a business is one of the scariest, most daunting feats anyone can ever venture into. The fear of failure, the fear of going out, the feelings of people, the fear of getting into the business late but hey, no guts no glory. If the idea if floating in your mind, here is a quick rundown of how you start a business.


The first thing is to find a need that you need to fill, not your need, but the need of society and fill it. That is the premise of every business, they identify a need that people cannot live without, and they charge them for filling it


Once you identify a need the next thing is to come with a way to address the need. An example is seeing a school where food is not sold, you can either set up a tuck shop or a fast-food spot. You need to consider what you can afford to start with as well as what you think the people afford as well.

pOnce you have these two, what you need is a market for your goods and you can do a little market research on the way people like your product. And you can start your journey


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