Sad !! Anita Jaxson falls victim to online bullying

Online and cyber bullying are some of the worst underrated toxic behaviours that most celebrities go through .


Being a public figure does not mean one is immune to negativity and cannot feel the pain .

Anita Jaxson has taken to her social media to raise awareness on online bullying . She is not the first as previously Anna Honde was in the same trap and she revealed on her online platform.

Another celebrity , Freeman wrote on his social platforms recently addressing the bitterness among Zimbabweans and advising many to manage their anger as it can affect the next person.

According to Pindula Jaxson was born and grew up in Braeside . She grew up in Harare Zimbabwe, and has always had a passion for music- starting out in primary school (junior) with the school choir. During her school years she was an avid basketball player and storywriter and achieved accolades in both disciplines.

As a young girl, she was inspired by Adele. She revealed her father was abusive and would beat her and her mother after drinking alcohol. Anita said it affected her confidence growing up and even upto date that is why she is not a fan of hatred that happens in any form


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