Simba Chikanza reveals shocking details says Apostle Chiwenga married his deceased wife’s younger sister secretly

The war between apostle Chiwenga and Simba Chikanza has resurfaced again.  This time around Simba started the spark addressing the apostles’ resentment towards the Marange church which has been trending over the past few days because of the alleged child abuse stories.
Simba took to his social media saying the apostle is a worse devil than the Marange people, he even went further and accused him of being responsible for the death of 6 church members who died in the accident which also took his wife.
In his message, Simba also cited that the apostle married his wife’s younger sister and had a secret affair. His full message read :
This blabbermouth ApoSTOLE Talent Chiwenga who’s criticising the Marange Vapositori has proven a worse Satanist over the years and he himself secretly married his wife’s young sister 3 years before the 2019 accident. He is just a competitor in the game for religious followers…seeing also what he did to Mayor Mafume family, the 6 victims he personally killed, and scores of other families he has spoiled. The apostle title @daddyhope gives him fits him right. Unfortunately, the followers struggle to understand how he hypnotizes them using scripture & oratorios.


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