Lessons to draw from Nikkies amazing love story

Disability has always been segregated in our communities, a lot of marginalization and stereotyping always goes with this group.
Nikki was trending on the internet yesterday when pictures of her with her lover went viral
The story was narrated as this:
So Nikki had a tough life from childhood because of her disability. From being mocked, laughed at, disgustingly being stared at, bullied and being called heart-aching names and this destroyed her self esteem…
Growing up under such catastrophic circumstances can lead one to be suicidal, depressed and most of all lose trust and confidence in humans.
At some point in her life, she discovered “SELF ACCEPTANCE”, and slowly began to build her life until she graduated with flying colours at University and eventually became a Life Coach.
Then along came Chris who saw her beyond her disability, frustrations and challenges!
Where others saw imperfection, he saw wholeness, beauty, intelligence and exuberance…
Where others saw a disabled woman, he saw a Wife and Mother of his children
Carrying this vision he pursued her! It wasn’t an easy mission because asking out a “Life Coach” can be a mammoth task
Chris never gave up, he continued to pursue until one day she said YES and then began their phenomenal journey of Love…
Sounds like a fairy-tale right?


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