Mudiwa reacts to Rihana becoming a billionaire , artists need to move from fame and popularity to making money

Forbes announced last week that popular American singer and actress Rihanna is now a billionaire valued over 1,7us billion dollars.
Social media went ablaze with the news as many celebrated her joining the elite class of Jay Z and Kanye West the other black artists who have reached that milestone.
Mudiwahood responded to this by tweeting :
Sometimes musical fame gets you somewhere, what you then do with it either makes you more money or u get stuck in the studio make hits and be loved… I would choose business and be a billionaire any day… Well done Riri


This posed a lesson to many local Zimbabwean artists as they suffer this same problem of failing to monetize their talents and end up only eating fame.


It is very important in the arts industry to separate between being famous and getting financial value out of it. We have many popular artists in the country but their popularity does not pay their bills.
Good artists invest in their brand, manage it well and merge their talents with the corporate world because in most cases that is where the money comes from.


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