Skills you need if studying out of the country

This one is for those who are schooling outside Zimbabwe, taking into consideration how the
hardships at home can affect their livelihoods outside, here are skills that you might find in

Hair will always grow, even when you do not want it to and where there are people, there will be
hair that will grow, that is a given. There is a need for barbers everywhere, if you are a skilled
barber, you will make money wherever you are.

Graphic Designing
Graphic designing and photoshop are some of the most sought after skills in the present world. If
you are outside, where entrepreneurship and branding are akin, you will make a killing using that


Now a billion-dollar business, being a proficient makeup artist will make you a killing wherever
you are, if you have the chance, you should make time and learn about makeup, it can help you


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