I was working at an IT company and left everything to focus on music : Exclusive interview with Anita Jaxson

Anita Jaxson is one of the rising superstars in the industry. She is only 22 but has already achieved more in such a short space of time.
In an interview with ZTN, she explained her journey from the beginning on how she met up with Poptain and he helped her to be where she is now.

She also revealed that before music, she was working as an IT personnel and she had to leave the job in order to focus on music full time. Her mom was sceptical about this move but she revealed that she has been supportive all the way.
Anita also talked about her struggle being mistaken for being lesbian before she loves the tomboy stuff.
Her journey is an inspiration to many youngsters who might want to pursue the path of music and also there are many lessons to be drawn from her story.


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