How to market your small business

There is still an archaic belief in some of us that if you are a small business owner, there is no
need to aggressively market your business, and that is why small businesses are never found on
the digital marketing space marketing their businesses. Here is how you can start having more
clients using the internet.

Facebook/Instagram Ads
If you are a hands-on person, Facebook ads are a great way to market your small business. All
you need is to decide on the demographic you want to market to and the apps will do the rest.
Influencers and Digital Media Companies

Accreditation by an influencer can go a long way in gaining traction for you. Influencers and
Digital media companies wield influence on the tastes and preferences of people and if you make
use of them, your products will be all over.

Twitter Celebs.

Studies have shown that people respond to peer advertising the most and Twitter offers the
the closest experience to this in the digital space.


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