Fans react to Roki ft Kofi Patati , most expensive and excellent production in Zimbabwe

Patati by Roki featuring Kofi has set social media ablaze. The much-anticipated song has again proved the brilliance of Roki and the excellent management of Passion Java
This is what fans had to say to the song
Cha Koffi na Roki ndochatirikutotamba paChristmas. People just hate the Zanu bit but that song is 🔥🔥.

Akabhadharirwawo Roki veduwe, we can’t hate a song for things beyond his control
The irony of choosing to shoot a video in squalor conditions in what looks like a squatter whilst hailing the people responsible for such poverty.More like poverty tourism with a shade of ignorance as toppings. Roki and Koffi ma streets arikuti hazviko
Ray Vines Mukukuzvi really came in on that Roki Koffi joint 🔥


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