Celebrating Herman’s birthday . What you need to know about the young man

Herman was born on August 3 2008. Herman turns 13 years today.
His real name is Mukombe Mupelo Herman. He is a Zimbabwean Congolese
Herman became a household name after his debut song Zvandofarira became a hit. This song was introduced and Endorsed by DJ Fantan of chill spot via his Instagram post where he promised that the upcoming song was going to be a hit and it surely came to pass thereby giving Herman a great name in the local music industry
Herman girlfriend is not yet known and his first video was directed by blaqs , the youngster loves wearing a du-rag
Herman was awarded a scholarship by President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House on 17 April 2021
Herman first feature was ft Sabastian magacha. Obviously, the second one will be featuring Fifi (mai titi’s daughter)
He is one of the youngest artiste in Zimbabwe to ever hit 2.6 million views on his song video (Zvandinofarira)


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