The dancehall trio of Calaz , Ricky Fire and Lazzie T celebrate birthday in style

Seh Calaz, Ricky Fire and Lazzie T all share the same birthday.  Calaz posted on his social media this morning wishing his friends the very best in this new phase they are getting into.
The trio is a sensation and rare breed of talent. They have shared the same stage over the years and they have all succeeded in their different lanes.
Among them, Calaz is the youngest as he referred to them as big brothers in his post. Boss Yala is set to release his full album on which he has sampled a couple of songs and released the singles.
Ricky fire on the other hand has been silent for a while on albums but he recently featured on Nash Tv with some singles.
Lazzie T has emerged to be one of the best Reggae artists in the land with his amazing fusions from Mr Councillor to Healing rain which was released last month.


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