DJ Shugheta pens down a beautiful poem dedicated to men going through heartbreaks and cant speak out

Heartbreaks are slowly killing many people and degrading our societies.  Many men go through their pain quietly.
Shugheta had this to say :
HEARTBREAK . I don’t think anyone can prepare you for the immense pain you will feel when it happens to you. You literally feel like you’re dying and that your life is over. You cry for hours at a time and it just won’t stop and it’s all you can think about.
Can’t even listen to sad songs because they leave you in a puddle of tears. You go from sad to angry to alright back to sad in one day. It is an emotional roller coaster. You try to bargain with God. You text them and get to the point of practically begging.
If they see how hurt I am they will want to fix this. Everyone try’s to give you encouraging words. “It will get better” “you will love again” and my all time favorite “all that works is time” you are craving for someone to tell you something to make it better. And you don’t believe anyone when they tell you those things.
You think you are going to be this destroyed forever. You look online at articles and save quotes on how you’re feeling. You look at how to get your ex boyfriend/girlfriend back. But a point comes when you have to just stop.
You have to put down the phone because most likely whenever you text them there not going to say sorry and that you can go back to normal. You just end up getting more hurt. So block him  / her from everything.Cry out loud its allowed,then MOVE ON.


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