8 months since Ginimbi left and still no other perfect match for Passion

It has been close to over 8 months since Zimbabweans lost one of their iconic businessman and socialite Genius Kadungure who was popularly known as Ginimbi. The death of Ginmbi brought many Zimbabweans together, setting aside their differences in culture, views, as they united to mourn their hero.
He might not have been an artist but his life was an art to many. The most remarkable of the experiences in Ginimbis’ life was a dig taken by the popular prophet and media influencer Passion Java. The prophet had a roller-coaster relationship with the businessman.


The two often exchanged words and showed off their wealth fighting for the crown on who was the richest. The war was never settled until Ginimbi left for another world.
Their followers might have seen something indifferent but the two men had respect for one another and the death of Ginimbi exposed the pain that Passion would feel for his fellow businessman. Publicly the two might have shared a nasty relationship but behind the curtains, they had a very good relationship
Till today there has been no possible challenge to Passion Java, all the other young mbingaldos have tried but what we witnessed between Passion and Ginimbi is very far from being reignited any time soon.


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