Zeb Tsikira riddim volume 2 on a high note as Bazooker and Stunner release masterpieces

Zimbabwe music industry has gained a lot of momentum over the past decade despite facing a lot of challenges in terms of financing and quality. Many riddims and medleys have managed to bring a lot of fans from different cultures and backgrounds together as the dancehall makes its statement each and every year.
There have been stage, riddim, Passion Java riddim and now Zeb Tsikira riddim volume 2 by Mars on the beat. Volume 1 featured artists like Blot.

Volume 2 has an amazing lineup with iconic hip hop artist Stunner adding up after Bazooker opened up with a well put up piece titled Askana
Zeb Tsikira is a Zimbabwean born entrepreneur and author based in Canada.
As the first son in his family, he grew up in Nketa 7, Bulawayo. He used to sell freezits in a bid to fund his soccer aspirations. Zeb Tsikira’s parents sold their house to fund the trip to Canada.
The riddim is a reminder of the resilience, dedication and focuses the businessman has and his dream is to pass on the same energy to all the youths.


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