Lorraine shares her rising story from Zaka to Success

Lorraine Guyo has been one of the most prolific socialites and businesswomen to ever rise from Zimbabwe in the past phases.
She has a way to charm her way to success without saying a single word. She rose to fame when a video of her was circulated on social media saying “ndinyengeiwo” meaning come ask me out.
The video attracted a lot of criticism, but like Tino, this seemed to be her breakthrough because celebrities like Lumumba embraced her and offered her the spotlight.
Recently she shared a photo on social media of where she came from in Zaka Jerera with the caption ” Which one do u prefer before or after. Ndaizvinzwa sei paTsiga pajerera apa.” Fans reacted to this post applauding her for having come from such a background and still being able to put up a great success story as she has


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