Gospel poet and rapper Leccoo vows to bring genre back with International clique collaboration

Zimbabwe Gospel Hip hop Industry has suffered a lot of setbacks but it has managed to maintain its composure over the years .
Popularization by figures like Mudiwahood, Courtney Antipas and DJ BK helped its inception into the Zimbabwean culture .
Great artists like Lecrae and the 116 crew including Tedashi , Trip Lee and KB graced Zimbabwe in 2011 with gospel tour and Da Truth another popular figure graced the nation in 2013 on the Love ,Hope,War tour.
The genre might not be mainstream yet but its keeping its life back with groups like The Switch , Heavenly Outbreak, Toraguta, Bible Based Business, Live wise Die Ready , Blacka , Humblebeest among others.
Poet and rapper Aleck Leccoo shared a story on how he intends to build a brand for this genre. The artist collaborated with Nigerian rapper G Clan to form a group called Blacka . The group is composed of different artists across the globe and is set to release their first international collaboration together.
Speaking to Zimcelebs the artists cited that he is delighted to be working on this project and linking artists from various backgrounds to be working together.


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