“Artists are being robbed in the name of exposure”, Shadhaya speaks out

Upcoming actors, comedians, musicians, models, influencers, writers & the likes are being exploited in the name of exposure. It’s not always their fault that they’re not rich as you think they should be…
They’re being taken advantage of by opportunists disguised as promoters, agents, publishing houses & the likes. People whose intentions have no benefit towards the said talent. And guess what without their endorsement, you may never break in the arts industry. They’re gatekeepers
I’m speaking from experience, we’re taken advantage of – I’m writing a book, publishing houses will tell you an 80/20 deal, despite the fact that the content is yours. Yes, factor in their costs on marketing & printing but seriously, 80% on someone’s idea
You got young girls who want to be models & actresses – the simps in charge demand pussy. You got young musicians, they’re given such 80/20 deals, they go platinum, but they don’t own their own masters. Piss the record label & they’re back to the gutters.
And when they try the independent route, they’re not given support. And talents just end up going to waste. Then these people abandon their talents & try something else. And boom we’re laughing at them “he/she fell off”…It sucks man🚮


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