Banning of Mini skirts and trousers dismissed as fake news

Zimbabwe’s ruling party, Zanu PF has spoken out following claims that it was lobbying for the banning of mini skirts and trousers for women.
The ruling party distanced itself from the claims which it denounced as fake news. Zanu PF claimed that the fake news was a product of mischief by an NGO allegedly allied to the opposition parties.


Zanu PF’s national spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo issued a strongly-worded statement that was scathing of the MDC Alliance over the mini skirts and trousers issue.
Below is Moyo’s statement distancing Zanu PF from lobbying for the ban on mini skirts and trousers for women. iHarare is publishing the statement in its entirety


The fake news whose origins has been traced to an NGO allied to the opposition parties reflect the views of that organization and its handlers who have no respect for women, sights and our culture. The Liberation Struggle for the Independence of our Republic from colonial rule was fought and won by combat men and women and trousers had no gender. The Party’s Women’s League was formed by combat women during the prosecution of the Liberation Struggle to commence work for post-colonial women empowerment programs and advancement in rights, status, opportunity and emancipation.


To this day, significant strides have been made by the ZANU PF Government to advance women’s rights through radical economic empowerment programs to ensure that women equal men in all spheres, economically, politically and socially. It is therefore ridiculous that a giant mass Party formed and existing on the shoulders of an empowered Women’s League can be attributed such trivia on dressing


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