Passion Java has done so much in local music industry that we can all point out

Java’s passion for helping artists is worth to be acknowledged. His intentions of uplifting artists became clearer from working with @Fantan_Chillspot to hosting Gara Mumba Iwe live concerts.
Not forgetting his involvement in the career of the late Souljah Luv and rekindling Bounty Lisa’s ‘lyrical glow’ was a remarkable move.
But as of today, let’s appreciate him for reviving @Roki_zw Roki’s career.
Even soothsayers would have failed to foretell Ba Sky’s collaboration with Rhumba legend Koffi Olomide @Koffiolomide_officiel and Tanzanian superstar Ray Vanny @Rayvanny after his top-notch vocals were on mute for quite some time.
Let’s give the props and respect where it’s due- Passion Java and his team have played a pivotal role in amplifying Roki’s music again to the world.
Passion Java’s record next project is the Urban Grooves diva Pauline (Mai Sky).


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