Killer T knows how to bring the Girls to the yard every Summer!

His music is timeless and iconic, whenever he’s about to drop an album the world stops for a minute cause he’s always on top of his game.
The handsome, fashionable and smart Zimdancehall artist needs to drop us even his skincare routine Urgh those dimples too. Okay, that’s a conversation for another day. Killer T’s music will make you cry, party and wear your heart on your sleeve. Remember when he dropped that song Masuspect, that Ngoma ndaimba album, the Bvunza tinzwe song, that love song unoda ndizviponde here will make you wanna text your ex! His music comes with this unexplainable energy and yes very addictive. All his songs are statement making like “UCHAZOONA KUKOSHA KWECHIKOROBHO WARASA MVURA” you name it.
He’s surely is Hot Property and knows how to keep his life private like y’all what do we know about him besides his music career? This man knows how to keep us curious by the way he runs his Engine and psssss young artist take notes this will be a great mentor. Ghetto King sticking to his game plan and we’re in love.
Maybe it’s time Killer T give us the secret on how one can stay this long in the Zimdancehall Game since most artist come through but within a minute boom they are out they never stay relevant for too long. How authentic should one be to stay sleek like this King? You know it’s Killer T when your mom is singing along to his song and know that he’s even about to give us an album in August. What should Killer T’s fans expect in the coming days?


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