Senditoo slammed for poor Sandra Ndebele twerking advert

Senditoo has come under fire from social media for poor advertising after using a shaking Sandra Ndebele. The international remittance service’s ad features the voluptuous Sandra Ndebele and three other women who will be twerking and shaking their breasts and behinds to a modified version of Juntal’s hit song.

The ad appears not to have impressed many Zimbabweans on social media, who are making their feelings known. Some are deriding Senditoo’s marketing executives for approving the ad which they claimed is cringeworthy. They questioned the nexus between Senditoo’s services and the rump-shaking women on screen. Others also slammed Zimbabwe’s marketing professionals for alleged laziness and lack of creativity. They argued that the template for most ad agencies seems to be to take a popular song and make it into a jingle and have men and women dancing to it.


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